Best of Beat Brokerz

Navigating the Flex-Player

• On the player at the bottom of the screen click on the image or the "money" icon on the left to reveal the pop up window that explains the 3 license options and pricing.

• The "full screen" icon to the right of the song title launches the "Music Store". Here you can purchase a lease for your favorite tracks and add it to the shopping cart. By clicking on the "Buy Now" button beneath the image of the selected track you will be shown the 3 leasing options. Choose an option and add it to the shopping cart. On "check out" you will be taken to a secure page where you will enter your billing imformation and select a payment method: either PayPal or MoneyGram Transfer. It is here you can review the "Terms and Conditions" prior to submitting your order.

• The round icon with the white background at the right toggles the pop up playlist, and the remaining icons are self explanatory.

For some unknown reason the "Content"section of the Music Store which contains the FAQ is greyed out. You can still read the FAQ  by clicking on the grey area and holding [ctrl] + [A]. I have also included the FAQ below for your convenience.


How are beats delivered after purchase?
All music purchases made through this site are administered, warrantied, and delivered by Beat Brokerz immediately after purchase.

Once your payment is received and verified, all music assets included with the order are made available for download via download links sent out by email. You can also download your music directly from the Beat Brokerz system by logging into Beat Brokerz with the email you used during checkout.

Is the checkout process secure?
The checkout process is completed on a secure connection protected by SSL encryption and all of your confidential information is protected.

What warranties do you offer?
All purchases made through this site are covered under the Beat Brokerz quality assurance warranty which means that you are guaranteed to recieve your product as advertised and in a timely manner or your purchase price will be refunded to you. For warranty concerns with any orders placed through this site, contact Beat Brokerz directly with your order number within 5 days of purchase.

What licensing option do I need to purchase?
What licensing option do I need to purchase?
The licensing option you choose will depend on your needs and how you intend to use the music. Each license includes a detailed description of the exact rights and allowances given by that particular licensing option. So if you plan on doing live performances, make sure to choose a license that permits live performances (and so on).

What files are included with my purchase?
The files included with your purchase depend on the license you are purchasing, and the files that are available for any particular beat. The number and format of the files which will be delivered with any particular license are shown with the licensing information for the beat. Only files which are described in the license details will be delivered after purchase.

When will I be issued my license?
After you complete the checkout process and payment has been successfully received, your license certificate will be issued directly by Beat Brokerz and emailed to you. You can also re-download or refer to any of your past licensing certificates issued to you by logging into your account on Beat Brokerz.

How can I re-download my music in the future?
When you purchase a beat through this site, an account is automatically created for you in the Beat Brokerz system which records your order and licensing information. If you've ordered previously, your order details will be visibile immediately in your Beat Brokerz account. To re-download music after purchase, you simply need to log into the Beat Brokerz system with your account email used during checkout and access your music through the "Downloads" tab.